04 April 2021

 New sets from Isar (one from her first session, age 14 and one from her last taken in Nov. 2020, age 17) as well as a set from Maria. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful week and come back often!

29 March 21

Our first new sets are posted since the big move. I do have a full time job and it is a little tough to get things done but I do hope to upload some more sets soon as well. This weeks sets come from Danielle (another early set) and a new never before seen set from last years (November) shoot from Isar. I do have more of these sets from Isar and I will make it a priority to get them out asap. Thanks all!

13 March 2021

The site is now fully open for business! Download links are available as soon as the orders are placed. If you have placed an order within the last 24 hours you were able to download the sets imminently.  The site is now faster and more responsive by far than before. It was an ordeal but I think it was worth it. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

9 March 21

Still waiting on the updates to be installed so you can get your download links automatically. Sorry, they are working but THEY do not work quickly. BUT you can order if you are ok with waiting, here’s how. Place the order as normal. I will then send you a code to get your links. It works well but it may take me a few hours to get the code to you since I work another job and sometimes even sleep. If you are willing to do this like I said, it works well. Thanks again!

27 Feb 2021

Hi folks, I am back. But not without issues so please don’t buy stuff until I say go. Hopefully soon. The site works great. It is faster than ever. Delivering the download links is an issue however. And I have not been able to edit anything, even this page. For some reason no one has been able to figure out why my own site blocks me. So I couldn’t keep you informed as I should. Also if you buy anything, getting the links has been a problem. Obviously I do hope to fix this soon and if you were one of those who purchased something and were not able to download it, let me know and I will fix it. I want all to be happy and feel good about downloading stuff here. This is a huge site with a bunch of content so migrating to another host was a massive undertaking and I did expect some issues. I hope to get this resolved very soon and will post here as well as start sending email updates about the progress. Hey, this is all new to me so give me a break. I will keep trying and sooner or later it will be working again.

29 Nov 2020

I do hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did. And we are updating again, though not as regularly as before because most of the earlier stuff has been posted. That’s a good thing, right? Most recently, I have added new sets from Star, a really early set from Danielle and a new, previously unpublished set from Isar. Thanks again and have a wonderful week!

4 Nov 20

Frequent visitors to this site have noticed some down time. If you visited this site and tried to go to the store, you may have found an error notice. This was because PCE was running out of space. If the site had a lot of visitors that day we would get kicked off. I am proud to say this should not be an issue in the future. I was able to increase the space without any additional downtime. You can now visit all you like. Sorry for the inconvenience but I am not a web designer, just pretending, Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

25 Oct 20

Some of you who visited this weekend surly noticed that the store was not available for almost 24 hours. This time the issue is that we have exceeded our bandwidth. An increase in visitors likely due to the coupon that was sent out a this month likely put us over the top. I am waiting on a report from the techs who will tell me how much I will need to cut from the site. I will make it as quick and as painless as possible. I certainly will not be able to add sets. I wanted reactivate the TROPICAL STORM section, even though it is not a big seller. This will likely end that idea unless someone comes up with a great plan I can live with. This is just a heads up. Yes, my fault for my lack of planning. But I did want to post as much stuff as possible and I did have 10 years of stuff plus the new sets. I will keep you posted as to what route this will take asap.  Stay tuned! And thanks

6 May 20

Yes we crashed. Not sure what happened. I got 3 different stories from the server guys. But yes, we were down for most of 3 days. The site is back up now. And it is working good. Sorry for the inconvenience.

17 Sept 20

Can 2020 throw anything else at us! Really!  Don’t answer that because we still have over three months to go. This week we were pounded by more rain than most of us have seen in a lifetime and a hurricane. Add that to all the other stuff from 2020.

I did add a few more sets this week, including a photo/video download from Danielle, a photo set from Danielle, and photo sets from Isar and Amanda. Thanks for all the support.

1 Sept 2020

Hello everyone!  Just a bit of news tonight. There are 2 photo/video combos from Isobel and Danielle and a couple of photo sets from Shelby Rae and Liz. Also I wanted to ask a little question. Do you most often view video on a phone or tablet or desk top?  I have my reasons for asking. Thanks and have a great week!!

19 Aug 20

This month is passing faster than I can keep up. Already we are past the mid month point. I have heard that time passes faster as we get older, and I have found that to be true. The first of the month bills keep coming faster. But I have managed to post some stuff, a combo of old and new. One of Maddy’s earliest sets posted last night. Also, an STM original, Janel. Also Daphne and Alicia get new sets posted. in addition I have posted a new (as in never before seen) video of Isar. I am really impressed with how she has matured as a model. She started modeling with us soon after she turned 14. She is now 17 and looks great. Hopefully she will make it to our next session. Ok, thanks all for a great week. Soon hopefully I will have some new stuff, who knows!

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