29 Sept 10

I’m back!! This weeks new stuff include a double set from Maria, also new sets from Marie and Liz.  I will soon have a link that I will post so people can be added to out mailing list, hopefully I will have that this week. Till then, take care and have a great week!

17 Sept 19

A lot of work has been done since I last updated the NEWS page. I have added a lot of stuff, new photo sets from Nina, Liz, Lexi, Danielle, Cicely and Shelby Rae as well as a photo/video combo set from Tyler. I do hope you are all having a great week, and looking forward to fall. One word. FOOTBALL!!

5 Sept. 19

I have been posting new sets since my last update in this news section. These include new video sets from Alicia and Tyler, a new photo set/video combo from Liz, and new photo sets from Amanda and 2 photo sets from Cicely. For all affected by Dorian, stay safe. Please, click the NEWEST search option when browsing the store to get the latest downloads. Thanks all!!

16 August 19

I have been a busy beaver this week, adding 2 new videos from Amanda and Liz, and 3 photo sets from Maria, Liz and Cicely. Also, several sets are marked on sale. You can find those simply by using the price option when searching. More stuff coming soon, stay tuned. Buy now!

As some may have noticed, STM is off the air. But Popcart still updates. This week so far, I have added a sisters set with Danielle and Amanda, also Isobel, Danielle and Liz. Check back often because sometimes I can’t sleep and add more stuff. Thanks all, Have a great week!

Long time since last we speak but stuff has been happening. 2 new videos, one each from Danielle and Tyler. Also new photo sets from Danielle, Tyler, Taylor, Maddy and Maria. Maddy is posting as I am writing but a preview is available at the store. Buy now!


10 July 19

More stuff added this week, including early stuff from Maddy, Maria, Taylor, Liz, Isobel and a cool set from Bridget. Also, be sure to check the site for discounted sets cuz they are all over!

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