15 Nov. 21

I got off my butt and posted a bunch of new stuff tonight. A couple of video/photo combo sets from Isar from back in her early modeling days (Age 14), an early photo set from Danielle and a great set from Nicole.

This store now features 706 photo sets and 103 video downloads. That’s a lot of work. And I do have a few more to post.

03 NOV 21

Hello everyone, I am back! Tonight I added a new photo set from Danielle and 2 new videos. One from Isar that makes its premiere and a re edited video from Tyler. Thanks and C U later!

24 October 21

Hi all and welcome back. New stuff added, all videos and all not seen before. New videos are from Maria, Isar and Elli. Stay spooky my friends!

28 Sept. 2021

Since we last spoke, new stuff added include a couple of videos, one each from Daphne and Isar. And new photo sets as well from Nicole, Amanda, Daphne, and Isar. And as always I hope this evening finds you healthy and well. Have a great week!

05 Sept. 21

Ok, it’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten. Today I have added a new video from Amanda, and a bunch of photo sets from early model Nicole, Daphne, Alicia, Chelsey, Star and Lexi. And if you haven’t checked out the Chelsey videos over on TSG you owe it to yourself. Thanks and see you soon! Be safe!

11 Aug. 21

Ok, help me get this all right. First, I have loaded 3 new photo sets from Chelsey, Danielle and Olivia. Then 2 new videos from Danielle and Liz. And lastly new photo/video combo sets from Elli and Isar. There, I think I got it. And don’t forget to visit the Tropical Storm Store! Thanks

Lots of new videos, some of which are never seen before, from Elli, Isar and Alicia as well as 2 new photo sets from Daphne! Have a great week everyone!!!

12 July 21

More stuff uploaded tonight. New videos from Isar shot last year, not seen before. Also a video file from Danielle, a video/photo combo file from Danielle, and a photo file from Danielle all ready to be downloaded. Thanks as always and have a good week!

30 June 21

Hello everybody!  I hope your summer is going well and I do hope your upcoming holiday weekend will be safe and lots of fun!  I have been at work adding photo sets from Star, Destiny and Daphne as well as a neat video/photo combo from Isar. Be safe all!

11 June 21

And Summer is officially here. I have added a couple of sets from a couple of the most beautiful models ever. A great bikini set from Kaylie and a weird, stretching workout set and BTS video from Daphne. Thanks and have a great weekend!

03 June 21

I am back! Summer is here and I am working full time plus. And before I get any lip from you, I do know, and I want you to know the videos (2) that were posted from Daphne are not great quality. But I have been bugged for years to post them so I finally gave in. And I will post a couple more soon. Also, the last STM model has now turned 18. Isar has been with us for 4 years. I have no idea what she will do in the future but I am sure she will do well. I posted a couple sets from her this week, one from a couple of years ago when she was 16 and a more recent set. And I also posted another set from Alicia. I do hope all you are doing well, COVID free and healthy! Hopefully I will be back with more stuff soon!

9 May 21

This week I added three new sets, one each from Star and Bridget and a brand new set from Isar. Also don’t forget about the TSG STORE  with more stuff over there! Hope you are enjoying the spring weather and stay safe!


21 April 21.

Hi! Back again. I have uploaded some new stuff from Taylor, Danielle and Bridget. Nice sets. I do have still some new sets shot last year from Isar I promise to get up soon. And don’t forget, Tropical Storm is up and running! HERE it is!

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