02 June 2020

We have been uncaged and hopefully that means I can get back to work soon. Meanwhile I have been busy. I have added new videos! 3 new videos from Bridget, 1 new video from Liz, 1 new video from Isobel, a new video/phot set combo from Danielle and a new photo set from Liz. Thanks everyone, a lot!

13 May 20

Well, it’s the second week of May and we are still locked up. If they don’t let us out soon I’ll look like Rip Van Winkle. My hair is long enough to have a pony tail and I can almost braid my eyebrows. I need a haircut, and that’s an understatement. But more stuff is added over the last week or so. New videos, one each from Bridget and Alicia, as well as photo sets from Tayler, Star, and Bridget. Be safe everyone, hopefully they’ll open the gates soon!

28 April 20

Hi all, I hope this finds all of you healthy. As for me, under the limits of the circumstances I am getting stuff done. Recently I have added sets from Maddy, Isobel, Daphne, Danielle and Alicia. Hopefully we will be allowed to back at work soon and I will have news of new stuff and ideas, at least we can hope. Thanks everyone and stay safe!

6 April 20

I have been working this week, at least adding photo sets and videos. 2 New photo sets from Danielle, and new sets from Bridget and Atina as well. Also a couple of new videos from Bridget and a new video from Liz.

Read my blog please, it will update you on anything that you may be curious about lately as it pertains to STM. Thanks all, stay safe!

20 March 20

Hopefully all is going well and all are healthy this week, with all that’s going on. You’d think the zombies were coming. And I did manage to add a few downloads, new photo sets from Danielle, Lexi, and Olivia and a photo/video set from Shelby Rae. Thanks all, and stay healthy and safe!

10 March 20

Now that we have “Sprung” forward, hopefully I will have enough time to get a lot more stuff done. Recently, I did add new stuff from Ember (2 sets) and Cicely. With this, if you can believe it, we are now up to 622 sets and 60 videos. That’s a bunch, and there will be more. Thanks all!

23 Feb 20

Some good sets added lately. The very last STM set shot with Maddy, as well as a cool set with Cicely and her Boa and another from the first shoot with Shelby Rae. Thanks all!

06 Feb. 20

I have been busy this week, and have added a lot of stuff. 2 photo/video combos from Danielle, a video from Maria, and photo sets from Liz and Isobel. And you thought I was just sitting around. Hopefully I can get some other stuff done soon, but until then, BUY NOW!

23 JAN 20

Hi all! It’s been a couple of weeks but the updates are back. I do have some stuff going on, you will see that in a few weeks.

This week, photo sets from Danielle, Bridget, Alicia and a double photo set from Taylor.

I am in the process of getting some sets that have never been published ready for the store. I hope to have that all ready by mid February. I know you’ll like them. Buy now!

07 JAN 20

Well, it’s 2020 already. Seems like yesterday the world was going to end at Y2K. Now 20 years later, we’re still here. And still updating. New photo sets from Isobel, Maya and 2 from Bridget. I do hope everyone had a great NEW YEAR. Thanks for a great 2019, and an even better 2020!


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