02 Jan 23

Happy New Year!  And I have uploaded new sets from some new faces, Rebecca and Marceline. I have also uploaded a couple more sets earlier, but unless you were cool enough to click on the latest uploads you wouldn’t know because I didn’t tell you. But now I have.  Best wishes to everyone!

02 Oct. 22

I know it’s been a while but but I have lots of excuses. Anyway, new sets from Amber and Julie, and the Amber set also contains a really nice HD video. Thanks!!

31 March 2022

I am still adding files to the store, including original STM model Janel (You can also find her over at the 18+ site), long timer Danielle and Shelby Rae. Happy April fools day tomorrow!

9 March 22

I managed to post a few more downloads this week. 3 photo sets, one each from Danielle, Liz and Lexi and a couple of videos, one each from Sofie and Danielle. This brings the total number of photo sets to 714, as well as 110 videos. That’s a bunch. I am working on getting more up in the next few days as well. Also, over at the TSG store, I am making plans to close. The annual commitment is coming due soon so I need to decide. IF I am unable to get new faces, it will close so if there is something you are thinking about now is a good time. As always, thanks everyone!

22 Feb. 22

3 videos added this week, a cute re edit from Bridget and 2 premiers, both cute, from Isar and Elli! Take care everyone, and have a great week!

20 Jan 2022

Hey, I added some stuff today! First a premier video from Liz, and photo sets from Star, Lexi and Isar!  Thanks to everyone out there, hope you are safe and healthy and having a prosperous New year. If not, there’s still a lot of time to make this happen!

02 Jan 22

And you were wondering where I went! I have added content this week, with a video from Isar (back at age 15). This video was not on the STM site and is making is premier. Also photo sets from Liz, Lauren and original model CJ from WAAAAY back. Oh, and Happy New Year everybodey!

15 Nov. 21

I got off my butt and posted a bunch of new stuff tonight. A couple of video/photo combo sets from Isar from back in her early modeling days (Age 14), an early photo set from Danielle and a great set from Nicole.

This store now features 706 photo sets and 103 video downloads. That’s a lot of work. And I do have a few more to post.

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