17 Sept 20

Can 2020 throw anything else at us! Really!  Don’t answer that because we still have over three months to go. This week we were pounded by more rain than most of us have seen in a lifetime and a hurricane. Add that to all the other stuff from 2020.

I did add a few more sets this week, including a photo/video download from Danielle, a photo set from Danielle, and photo sets from Isar and Amanda. Thanks for all the support.

1 Sept 2020

Hello everyone!  Just a bit of news tonight. There are 2 photo/video combos from Isobel and Danielle and a couple of photo sets from Shelby Rae and Liz. Also I wanted to ask a little question. Do you most often view video on a phone or tablet or desk top?  I have my reasons for asking. Thanks and have a great week!!

19 Aug 20

This month is passing faster than I can keep up. Already we are past the mid month point. I have heard that time passes faster as we get older, and I have found that to be true. The first of the month bills keep coming faster. But I have managed to post some stuff, a combo of old and new. One of Maddy’s earliest sets posted last night. Also, an STM original, Janel. Also Daphne and Alicia get new sets posted. in addition I have posted a new (as in never before seen) video of Isar. I am really impressed with how she has matured as a model. She started modeling with us soon after she turned 14. She is now 17 and looks great. Hopefully she will make it to our next session. Ok, thanks all for a great week. Soon hopefully I will have some new stuff, who knows!

7 Aug 20

Some things old and some things new. Reedits and expanded sets from Star and Cicely and a new video from Danielle from the STM classic models. New photo sets (that is, never published) from Elli and Isar. Also new photo sets from Elli and Isar.  And a new blog is on the way in a few days so stay tuned!


26 JULY 20

Yes, I know. It’s been a while.  But I am back. And I also plan a blog this week so stay tuned. IF (and the IF is being optimistic) I will be doing a shoot in a week or so, COVID, weather and other stuff permitting. That will mean some new unseen sets will be posted. And I still have a few of the old stuff as well, though that is mostly posted.  I know everyone likes the original models best because those are the ones you grew to know over the years but please give the newer ones a look. All this will hopefully open the door for a new and interesting site in the near future.

But also take a look at my latest posts from Sofie, Liz and Maria!  And y’all stay safe. Don’t catch any bugs or get into any trouble, we need you!

02 June 2020

We have been uncaged and hopefully that means I can get back to work soon. Meanwhile I have been busy. I have added new videos! 3 new videos from Bridget, 1 new video from Liz, 1 new video from Isobel, a new video/phot set combo from Danielle and a new photo set from Liz. Thanks everyone, a lot!

13 May 20

Well, it’s the second week of May and we are still locked up. If they don’t let us out soon I’ll look like Rip Van Winkle. My hair is long enough to have a pony tail and I can almost braid my eyebrows. I need a haircut, and that’s an understatement. But more stuff is added over the last week or so. New videos, one each from Bridget and Alicia, as well as photo sets from Tayler, Star, and Bridget. Be safe everyone, hopefully they’ll open the gates soon!

28 April 20

Hi all, I hope this finds all of you healthy. As for me, under the limits of the circumstances I am getting stuff done. Recently I have added sets from Maddy, Isobel, Daphne, Danielle and Alicia. Hopefully we will be allowed to back at work soon and I will have news of new stuff and ideas, at least we can hope. Thanks everyone and stay safe!

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